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Details of Plans and Services

Details of Our Plans

Plans Example

ReadyShip offers three types of plans: Personal, Business and Enterprise. The details of each plan are displayed in the following table:

Monthly Unique Visits100,000UnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Data Transfer Limit (GB)50GB200GB1,000GB
Storage Capacity50GB200GB600GB
Daily Backups1424

The data transfer limits are applied to the volume measurements for the past 30 days.

If You Exceed Plan Usage Limits (Monthly Data Transfer, Storage, Etc.)

If your site’s usage exceeds the upper limits specified under each plan (data transfer or storage capacity) for 60 or more days, ReadyShip Support Team will contact you. In this case, you will not be billed for the excess. However, you may be required to change the plan within 30 days.

Changing Plans During Use

You can change your plan while using the service. However you are not able to do that manually. You will have to contact our Support Team.
If you have selected a plan and you choose to upgrade it (for example, switching from Medium to Large plan), your new plan’s price will apply from the following month’s billing.
If you have selected annual payment method, the difference in price will be calculated according to the time remaining in the year and you will have to pay that difference when changing plans.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

The basic feeling will be the same regardless of which plan you choose, so we recommend selecting a plan that suits the purpose and the scale of your website.

  • For individuals or small-scale businesses: we recommend Small plan.
  • For startups and typical businesses: we recommend Medium plan.
  • For e-commerce sites and sites of a medium scale or larger: we recommend Large plan.

Features Included in All Plans at No Extra Charge

All our plans offer the following items at no extra charge:

  • Subdomain and ability to set an original domain
  • SSL certification (HTTPS)
  • CDN for high-speed performance
  • Customized servers for WordPress use
  • Managed hosting
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Support
  • FTP usage
  • Automatic backups and ability to restore from backup

Subdomain or Original Domain Settings

You can use a subdomain provided by ReadyShip at no extra charge. For more details, please check Domains

SSL Certificates (HTTPS)

We provide SSL certificates. We use AWS’s Certificate Manager, so the issuing authority of your certificate will be Amazon. We also handle SSL for original domains at no extra charge. You can also apply certificates that you have obtained on your own. For more details, please check Domains.

CDN for High-Speed Performance

We provide CDN (Content Delivery Network) for high-speed performance. We use CloudFront, the AWS’s CDN service. This will allow your site to respond fast even to large number of viewers. You can clear the CDN cache from your WordPress dashboard. For more details, please check CDN.

Servers Customized for WordPress

We provide servers with Linux OS, PHP, Openlitespeed and other settings, customized specifically for WordPress. For more details, please check Hosting/Server Details.

Managed Hosting

There is no need for you to initialize any database or install WordPress. WordPress core updates will also be performed automatically. Though you will need to perform theme/plugins updates by yourself.

WordPress Core Updates: For security reasons, we perform minor version updates forcefully. Customers are required to perform major version updates on their own. However, we will install major version updates forcefully if the current WordPress version is no longer supported by WordPress. This is the same functionality as the Automatic Background Updates feature in the WordPress core.

Version Updates for Plugins and Themes: Customers will need to perform themes/plugins updates manually using the standard WordPress themes/plugins update procedures. Plugins and themes will not be automatically updated by ReadyShip.

24/7 Monitoring

ReadyShip operates monitoring systems and observes all websites 24 hours a day. When a problem is detected, our support team works to resolve it.


Support is included for matters concerning the hosting and assistance using our service. For more details, please check Support.


You can use FTP. FTP accounts are sent via email for each website, so you can use a regular FTP client.
Note: This functionality is not available during the free trial period.

Automatic backups and ability to restore from backup

Our system makes automatic backups of all websites. The number of daily backups depends on the website’s plan. Along with automatic backup comes the ability to restore the website from backup. For more details please check Backup and Restore.

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