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Payment and Billing

Accepted Payment Methods

In general we ask you to use a credit card to pay for our service. We use Stripe to process card payments and we accept, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. If you wish to pay through means other than a credit card, please contact us after you have launched your website.

When paying by means other than a credit card, other fees such as fixed handling fees or money transfer fee may incur. In such cases, the customer is responsible for paying those fees. Fees may vary depending on the service you have selected, how you remit payment, or the country or area in which you reside. Additionally, ReadyShip’s office and bank accounts are located in Japan.
Examples of payment methods other than credit card:
– PayPal
– Payoneer
– Bank transfer
If you wish to use another payment method, please contact us first.

Registering or Changing Payment Information

Card information for payments can be entered or changed from the Payment Settings page in your account.

The Recurring Billing Cycle

If you select monthly payment, our billing system will automatically charge you from your card every month.
For example if you launch your website on January 1st, the free trial period will last for 7 days and your first billing will occur on January 8th. After that you will be billed on the 8th day of each month.

If you select annual payment, you will be charged the annual fee on January 8th. After that our system will charge you once every 12 months or each year on January 8th.
ReadyShip will send you a billing notification email 7 days prior to the billing date. Payments for using our service are always paid in advance and no refunds will be made for cancellations in the middle of a billing cycle.

ReadyShip is structured so that sellers can change their prices for plans any time, but when a website is launched, its plan price is fixed and cannot be changed. In other words, even if the seller increases the price, the customer will continue to use the service at the original price.

If Billing is Unsuccessful

In case of billing failure (for example insufficient funds, expired card or wrong card info), we will reattempt to charge the customer once every seven days for three times.

  • Date of failed billing (day 0)
  • First reattempt to bill (day 7)
  • Second reattempt to bill (day 14)
  • Third reattempt to bill (day 21)

If a billing attempt fails, we will notify the customer via email.

If we are ultimately unable to receive payment, the customer’s website will be temporarily suspended and therefore unavailable. If the customer doesn’t contact us and add valid payment method, the website will be deleted after 90 days of suspension.

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